Requesting Books

May 18, 2016


Not finding what you’re looking for? Leave a comment below** with the title and author you need, and I’ll look into reviewing it for you. I can usually get back to you with whether or not I’ll read it within one to two days, and actual reviewing time will depend on the circumstances.

Sometimes it’s hard to get hold of a book, and if that’s the case I may not be able to review it. (Feel free to offer to mail it to me. Just kidding… mostly.) I also reserve the right to refuse to review a book based on my personal beliefs or preferences.  

All right? Good. Just leave that comment, and we’ll get right to revving up the x-ray machine.

**Edit: Someone helpfully pointed out to me that there isn’t a way to comment on this page. I’m so sorry! I’m working on fixing that as fast as possible. In the mean time, feel free to comment on any of the recent posts; I’ll see it, don’t worry.

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