What’s going on, anyway?

April 8, 2016

I like shiny sharp-edged words like vivacious and voracious, and soft blurry words like crepuscular and flurried, and bold ringing words like brazen and pragmatic. I play with words a lot and end up writing all sorts of weird things.

I like unexpected twists, like “She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in the face,” which is why in real life I dance (ballet) and practice martial arts (Taekwondo). (No, I’m not kidding – I really do both of those!)

I like fun, varied characters who do all sorts of interesting things and have weird illogical backgrounds and go off on quests. Maybe that’s why I have so many hobbies – juggling, origami, playing ukulele (I’m really bad, but I’m trying), and volunteering at the animal shelter. (Writing isn’t a hobby. It’s an addiction, much like reading.)

And I like talking to people. Come talk to me? Comments, questions, criticisms, wild fantasies and unlikely manifestos all welcome.

Wait, stop. You didn’t explain anything. Who are you, again? And what’s going on?

Me? I’m Bernadette, or Birdie. Just another rambling Wyomingite. A reader. An addict. A bookwyrm. And this is where I store all my bookish thoughts and ramblings. I have a lovely amazing friend named Marietta and she is Very Busy with Important Things, but occasionally she finds time to write book reviews too and sometimes we write posts together. Maybe someday she’ll even have time to come over here and tell y’all about herself.

What’s with the weird set up?

OK, so each review has the book summary, my thoughts, and the content review. That’s a special feature I think is far too lacking in the world of books. It’s like movie ratings, for books. Each book has notations on: sexual/nudity content, violence/gore content, and language content. Some books have a more detailed review than others, but it should always serve to give you a good feel for what’s in the book and how graphic it is.

Um, so, why?

Have you ever gotten half-way through an engaging book before the romance picked up to a level you’re uncomfortable with? Or started what should have been an awesome read, only to find the frequent swearing more than you could enjoy? I have, again and again. There are multiple sites out there for parents┬áto peruse, ┬ádetailing the content and maturity level of movies. Life as a bookworm would be so much easier if there were such sites for books, and that’s exactly what this is. Whether you’re a parent wondering what to give your child, or an adult or teen looking for a cleaner book, I hope to help.

Not finding a specific book you want? Click the “Requesting Books” tab and check out that offer.

Um, okay….

Here, have some useful vocabulary.

MC: Main Character.

POV/pov: Point of view. These are the eyes we see the story through, whether it’s a specific first-person voice (I did this, I did that) telling it or just the way the writer tells it.

LO/lo: Love Interest. This is a secondary character whom the protagonist is attracted to/clearly going to be attracted to/in a relationship with. The same LO can go through all three phases in a book. All too often used in a derogatory context because the character in question isn’t rounded out enough and has little more personality than a very attractive face and manner, there solely to be the LO. (Not always derogatory, however.)

Derogatory: You’ll find this in the ‘language’ section, and it encompasses derogatory slurs such as ‘b**ch,’ ‘b***tard’, and ‘wh***’.

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