April 8, 2016


Hi there! I’m Bernadette, late teen living in Wyoming. I’m fascinated with books, reading and writing them, and spent most of my non-school time in activities related to them (my three cockatiels like to read eat books too). Then I balance all that sitting around with a healthy dose of hiking, martial arts, and dance.


All my bookish reviews and ramblings. There’s one special feature in each review that I focus on: content review. Each book has notations on: sexual/nudity content, violence/gore content, and language content. Some books have a more detailed review than others, but it should always serve to give you a good feel for what’s in the book and how graphic it is.


Have you ever gotten half-way through an engaging book before the romance picked up to a level you’re uncomfortable with? Or started what should have been an awesome read, only to find the frequent swearing more than you could enjoy? I have, again and again. There are multiple sites out there for parents to peruse,  detailing the content and maturity level of movies. Life as a bookworm would be so much easier if there were such sites for books, and that’s exactly what this is. Whether you’re a parent wondering what to give your child, or an adult or teen looking for a cleaner book, I hope to help.

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Some Useful Vocabulary:

MC: Main Character.

POV/pov: Point of view. These are the eyes we see the story through, whether it’s a specific first-person voice (I did this, I did that) telling it or just the way the writer tells it.

LO/lo: Love Interest. This is a secondary character whom the protagonist is attracted to/clearly going to be attracted to/in a relationship with. The same LO can go through all three phases in a book. All too often used in a derogatory context because the character in question isn’t rounded out enough and has little more personality than a very attractive face and manner, there solely to be the LO. (Not always derogatory, however.)

Derogatory: You’ll find this in the ‘language’ section, and it encompasses derogatory slurs such as ‘b**ch,’ ‘b***tard’, and ‘wh***’.

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