Once and for All

October 28, 2017

Author: Sarah Dessen.


Louna, daughter of famed wedding planner Natalie Barrett, has seen every sort of wedding: on the beach, at historic mansions, in fancy hotels and clubs. Perhaps that’s why she’s cynical about happily-ever-after endings, especially since her own first love ended tragically. When Louna meets charming, happy-go-lucky serial dater Ambrose, she holds him at arm’s length. But Ambrose isn’t about to be discouraged, now that he’s met the one girl he really wants.

My Thoughts:

Wow, I’ve never seen a Manic Pixie Dream Boy before. You know what a Manic Pixie Dream Girl is, right? Quirky and cute and believes in life, there to remind the MC to eat ice cream and enjoy the sunset and things will turn out all right? Well, that’s who Ambrose is. Or who he’s meant to be – he’s not all that cute, and he’d definitely drive me mad. He has lots of quirky little things like blowing out a candle as soon as he lights it for a wish (majorly impractical when you’re lighting a whole bunch for wedding tables) and constantly fiddling with everything from the radio to the tape dispenser (just reading about it had me twitching). He seems to be mostly there to get Louna to move on from her last boyfriend- ohhh boy let me get into that kettle of fish in just a moment – because while you might think that as the Love Interest he’d have to be a major character, but really honestly no. And he flirts with everyone on sight and sometimes gets into trouble because he accidentally set up two dates at the same time. (Not. Acceptable.)

Okay, last boyfriend. Louna doesn’t believe in forever because she already met her True Love. They had a perfect night on the beach, and she gives him her virginity at the end of it, and they exchange proclamations of love. Because one night is obviously enough to know who you want to spend your life with. And then (Minor spoiler) a few weeks later he was killed in a school shooting. Ouch. Yes, it’s tragic and heart-wrenching and all that. But she was in love with him after one night and only had him for a few weeks after that and really it just sounds like teenage hormones and not enough time to fall out.

I just… *throws hands up in despair* the one good part was the wedding descriptions, and the mad panics that would happen, because that was pretty funny. But that’s not really enough when you don’t even have a good character on the likeable side.

Content Review:

Sexual Content: Girls try on tight, small dresses, noting how they look. One instance of sex between two unmarried teenagers; it takes up about two paragraphs, and it’s very clear what’s happening but there’s not explicit details beyond that.

Language: 19 uses of “God”, 5 anatomical terms, 4 d***, 4 hell, 3 F-words

Violence: No direct violence. Character remembers hearing second-hand about a school shooting, and hears some news reports about school shootings.

Other: Mention of character’s homosexuality.



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