August Monthly Roundup

August 31, 2017

Hey all!

August was a bit of a fragmented month for reading, what with school coming up and family visiting and the solar eclipse – all sorts of exciting life events. There was only one non-review post, which introduced a new co-blogger, Marietta. (She’s a busier gal than me, so don’t expect a ton of reviews, but there’ll be some upcoming.)

~ Rereads ~

Oathbringer, the latest book in the Stormlight Archives, is coming out in November, so obviously I had to reread The Way of Kings. And as long as I was reading Sanderson, I hit up The Rithmatist again too, and finally posted reviews for both of them.

Etiquette and Espionage is a fun steampunk-fluff read for back-to-school vibes; more back to school books further down the list (but sadly not ones I enjoyed!)

I loved the middle grade Summerlands trilogy from several years ago, so I started reviewing them back in July and finished during August. The flaws were more obvious to me this time, but Rook was just as awesome as ever. Book One, Book Two, Book Three.

And… there was really no reason to reread Red Rider’s Hood except that Neal Shusterman does great quirky retellings.

~ New Books ~

I only read one book published in the last couple of months: A Dragon of a Different Color, fourth book in the self-published Heartstrikers series. I love the Heartstrikers, but this one just wasn’t as good.

~ General Reviews ~

Hex Hall and Belzhar were part of my back-to-school kick, but I wasn’t impressed by either. Nor by Storm Siren.

Sorcerer to the Crown and Strange the Dreamer were probably my favorite books of the month (if we exclude rereading Sanderson), even though I had mixed reactions to both; on the other extreme, The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre simply didn’t cut it.

I had a whole bunch of older reviews languishing in my notes, unpublished, so I tossed them all up: Passage, Tongues of Serpents, Ship of Magic, The Impossible Knife of Memory, M.C. Higgins the Great, and Little Brother.

Last and most random, there was The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I… didn’t realize it was a vampire book when I picked it up, but then I ended up finishing it anyway, so. *shrugs*

~ Coming Up ~

After Etiquette and Espionage the rest of the Finishing School series should be coming soon, as well as Words of Radiance, the second Stormlight Archive book. The Mountain of Kept Memory is on the way, a fantasy by Rachel Neumier that I’m really looking forward to, as well as Sleeping Giants, a sci-fi story that intrigued me on Goodreads.

I’m planning to branch out on the blog a little more, try for more discussion posts and interaction; of course, we’ll see how much time I have around school.

Got any other books/posts/bookish questions you want to see coming up? Drop me a note!





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