April 28, 2017

Beka Cooper #2. Author: Tamora Pierce.


Beka Cooper is no longer a Puppy. She’s a Dog now – a full-fledged member of the Provost’s Guard, which keeps the peace in Corus’s streets. Even her magic isn’t very useful when unrest comes to Tortall’s capital in the form of counterfeit coins, which turn up in shops all over the city. Merchants raise prices to cover their losses, and with winter coming on, hikes in food and fuel costs could spell disaster – most of all for the city’s poor. The Dogs discover that gamblers are bringing the counterfeits from Port Caynn – and that the Port Caynn Dogs don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Beka and her mentor, Clary Goodwin, are chosen to go undercover in Port Caynn and find out what they can. And wherever Beka goes, so do some of her animals. Departing from Corus with her are the scent hound Achoo, who has been newly assigned to Beka, and the pigeon Slapper, who carries the voices of the dead.

My Thoughts:

If she had used a more Christian view of chastity, it would have been an awesome book. A strong, independent, likable main character, who is a good role model in most aspects of her personality with the one exception and human flaws. Brisk action, and an interesting city set up.

Content Review:

Sexual content: High. Two men kiss on multiple occasions, are living together. Several flirting incidents with MC. “Watch them sailor lads. They’ll have your skirts up and a baby in your belly before you know it.” “Sadly for my wedding plans, I learned that Kestor was a bardsash. I envy the men who have enjoyed his favors.” Lady and a Dog (guard) sleeping, living together despite some protests from both their friends about their stations. Girl threatens to “Lop his hands off if he didn’t keep them off me”. Rosto ‘wants’ MC, flirts with her. Two kisses involving MC. Dancers showing a lot of skin. Two instances of sexual intercourse on the MC’s part, but she only mentions the fact, doesn’t describe it at all.

Language: 14 derogatory terms, 4 scatological. Various swearing by an in-universe set of gods.

Violence: Non-graphic but high. Broken limbs, knowledge of torturers, (one scene where they talk to a suspected man and end up freeing him), various knife wounds and fights, full on brawls.

Other Issues: In-universe set of gods, legal torturers, various drunkards seen in passing.


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