Trickster’s Queen

April 27, 2017

Daughter of the Lioness #2. Author: Tamora Pierce.


From daughter of the powerful to slave in a foreign land, Aly is also a pivotal leader in the underground movement to put a new queen on the throne. Witty, intelligent, and a talented spy, Aly is used to staying two steps ahead of the action. But with new adversaries – and a faltering romance – Aly is blind to the threat that lurks right under her nose. What will happen if the queen-to-be is lost?

Content Review:

Language: 2 derogatory terms

Sexual content: Crow-man expresses desire to mate. Girl walks in on a healer dressing a man’s bruises with the man’s shirt off – teases him as she delivers message. Several kissing scenes. Parents question whether daughter “bedded that man” (she didn’t.) One instance of sexual intercourse.

Violence: Mention of hangings. Young boy drowned in a storm. People beaten back by soldiers, near-riot. Poisoned guards, mention of mages killed, ships burnt. Men left naked in the jungle.

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