Deep Wizardry

April 26, 2017

Young Wizards #2. Author: Diane Duane.


It all begins one summer night at a Long Island beach, when thirteen-year old Nita is nudged by a friendly dolphin and summoned to the aid of a wounded whale. Using their wizard powers, Nita and her sidekick, Kit, walk on the moonlit water to a distant sandbar, and there find S’reee, a whale-wizard who has been attacked by sharks.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Due to shapeshifting, the two end up on the beach naked once – they dress immediately. Nita’s parents suspect her and Kit of sleeping together due to the inordinate amount of time they spend together away from home, but the suspicion turns out to be unfounded.

Language: 2 crap, one exclamation of ‘my God’, one d***

Violence: Shark attack, Kraken attack, killing said kraken, attack by a giant sea-serpent evil power.

Other Issues: The main character plans to willingly give up her life directly. Essentially commit suicide. (To save many people.)

Personal Thoughts: Fun! Not even completely fluff, with all its reflections on life, good and evil and the sort.

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