Confessions of Super Mom

April 24, 2017

Author: Melanie Lynne Hauser.


Divorced mother of two Birdie Lee is no one special – she works at the checkout of her local grocery store and is secretary at the local PDA group of moms. But the day she mixes all her cleaning chemicals in a single bottle to attack a stubborn stain, everything changes. Birdie passes out from the fumes, and when she wakes up she’s different. She can clean messes in an instant, sense danger – such as the toddler on the edge of the road or the car of teenagers speeding past without seatbelts – and when wielded properly her voice can induce Super Time Out. And it’s a good thing she’s a super hero now, because there’s a new corporation in town, and it’s up to no good.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Character comments on a television’s physical/attractive appearance. One character admires parts of another’s physique while walking behind her. Mother worries that her daughter is having sex with her boyfriend. Multiple kisses. Character remembers a specific boyfriend whom she slept with as a teenager. Two adult characters engage in sexual intercourse together several times. Newspapers speculate that a mysterious figure could be a ‘pervert’, speculate about what she might be carrying in her apron. Character says she daydreams about sleeping with another (specific) character.

Language: 22 anatomical terms, 14 instances of taking God’s name in vain, 13 hell, 10 derogatory terms, 8 d***, 7 scatological terms, 3 F-words.

Violence: Character remembers having an abusive boyfriend as a teen; among other things, she remembers him burning her with a cigarette. One character almost strangles another. Character knees another in the groin twice.

Other: There are a couple instances of teenagers drinking, references to drug dealers. (This is shown negatively; the main character is working to stop it).

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