Cold Fire

April 22, 2017

The Circle Opens #3. Author: Tamora Pierce.


Daja and Frostpine expect to have a peaceful winter’s visit with old friends in Kugisko, a port in the vast empire of Namon. But there is no peace when mysterious fires begin to blaze across the vulnerable city. Daja assists Bennat Ladradun, a local firefighter with a tragic past, to fight the flames. The two become fast friends-until they realize the fires have been deliberately set, and their relationship is deeply tested. Daja’s magic helps her track down the firestarter, but no magic can protect her or Ben from the effects of madness and betrayal.

My Thoughts:

Not as good as the others. Her students are more spread out with less contact, and the mad man is unsettling.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Woman says that showing magical talent will improve a girl’s marriage prospects. Man decides he’s in love with girl. Woman falsely accuses younger mage of “bedding her teacher”.

Language: None.

Violence: Multiple fires are set. One beggar woman burned to death and one firefighter killed by smoke in one, eight innocent people killed in another. One man is executed by burning to death, because of the strong flame it ends in a matter of seconds.


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