Dragon Slippers

March 17, 2017

Dragon Slippers #1. Author: Jessica Day George.


Poor Creel. She can’t believe her aunt wants to sacrifice her to the local dragon. It’s a ploy to lure a heroic knight so that he will fight the dragon, marry Creel out of chivalrous obligation, and lift the entire family out of poverty. Creel isn’t worried. After all, nobody has seen a dragon in centuries.

But when the beast actually appears, Creel not only bargains with him for her life, she also ends up with a rare bit of treasure from his hoard, not gold or jewels, but a pair of simple blue slippers-or so she thinks. It’s not until later that Creel learns a shocking truth: She possesses not just any pair of shoes, but ones that could be used to save her kingdom, which is on the verge of war, or destroy it.
(Goodreads summary)

My Thoughts:

Dragon Slippers is usually shelved in the middle grade section, but I find it a fun fantasy read even for older readers. There’s humor, tension, and dragons – what more could you ask?

Content Review:

Sexual Content: Girl walking alone runs into a band of young men. She decides not to pray to Jylla, because “her nature was on the lusty, pleasure-seeking side, and I was not sure she would see my situation as a problem”. One of the men tries to talk her into walking with them, eventually makes a grab at her but is struck by a window falling from the sky. “My new girl spends far too much time making eyes at the soldiers, and not enough time scouring mugs.” “My partner […] responsible for the current trend in low, decorated necklines.”-”I’m sure gentlemen all over the King’s Seat thank her for that.” One kiss.

Language: 1 d***ed

Violence: (See above for some sexual near-violence)“I love the looks on their faces when they realize they’re being slow-cooked in their own armor.” This is a dragon seeming to relish the idea of fighting/eating a knight, although in point of fact no dragons eat humans. Dragon admits to stealing some food/blankets from humans. Girl accidentally steps on a tiny dog (it’s fine). One character slaps another. Dragon tears the roof off a building and roars flame – some people are killed (non-graphic). More of the city is fired by dragons. Multiple dragons magically coerced to fight. Some are killed. (SPOILER ALERT) Girl finds out that her shoes were made out of dragon hide cut from a living dragon.


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