The Night Circus

February 4, 2017

Author: Erin Morgenstern.


Since youth, Celia and Marco have been trained to compete, even if in what they don’t really understand. Now the Night Circus has manifested, a magically beautiful travelling circus that enchants and dazzles spectators at night and vanishes in the morning. It is the unusual battleground for these two – but they have different ideas than their masters. Celia and Marco think collaboration might be better than competition, and that love is always better than hate. But they’ve been locked into this competition for too long… and everything, from the circus to the lives of its workers, hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts:

This is an unusually styled story. Not only does it span two decades, but it quite deliberately moves back and forth between showing and telling. Much is hinted at, outlined by a silhouette, but even in the end left untouched. In the end, I liked it. Although she may have an odd style, Erin Morgenstern has a skilled hand on the prose, and this became a dreamy beautiful work. The lack of information at times could be frustrating, but the book in itself was like the night circus; moving from one act to another, always the hint of something more but you don’t have to see behind the scenes to enjoy the show.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Some kissing. Female character wears a dress described as a “delicate swath of red silk, held in place by a tightly laced corset”. [Within the circus] “No one had been born, though it was not for lack of trying, given the way some of the acrobats carry on.” One instance of sexual intercourse between young unmarried male/female.

Language: 4 d***, 1 derogatory term, 1 bloody, 1 hell, 1 F-word

Violence: Character twists the neck of a bird with a broken wing. A father cuts his daughters fingers open, teaching her to heal. Man breaks a girl’s wrist with a paperweight.


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