Manxmouse: The Mouse Who Knew No Fear

January 22, 2017

Author: Paul Gallico.


The brave little Manxmouse is on a special journey. But can he survive fearsome foxes, terrified elephants and cats big and small to reach his destination? The Manxmouse is one-of-a-kind. He’s the strangest little mouse you’ll ever see, with bright blue fur, huge rabbit ears and a distinct lack of tail. But Manxmouse doesn’t mind being different. He knows that destiny awaits him, and so Manxmouse sets out on an exciting adventure. He meets tigers and hawks and dastardly pet-shop owners, but there’s someone he dreads and desires to meet more than anyone else. The someone who has been waiting for him all along…the Manx Cat.
(Published summary)

My Thoughts:

I remember really liking this when I read it as a younger kid, but on a second read through I found it less interesting. The plot is disjointed, moving from mini-adventure to mini-adventure as Manx wanders through the world. The writing style is clearly aimed at younger children, as are the characters. Overall I’d say a fun story with a nice moral for younger children.

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: None.

Violence: Cat pounces on mouse, and hawk picks the mouse up, but both are too suspicious to hurt him. Mouse stumbles into a fox hunt, but the fox escapes. Cat plans to eat mouse – but at the last minute backs down when the mouse resists.


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