January 20, 2017

Author: Edward Bloor.


BY 2035 THE RICH have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and kidnapping has become a major growth industry in the United States. The children of privilege live in secure, gated communities and are escorted to and from school by armed guards. But the security around Charity Meyers has broken down. On New Year’s morning, she wakes and finds herself alone, strapped to a stretcher, in an ambulance that’s not moving. She is amazingly calm – kids in her neighborhood have been well trained in kidnapping protocol. If this were a normal kidnapping, Charity would be fine. But as the hours of her imprisonment tick by, Charity realizes there is nothing normal about what’s going on here. No training could prepare her for what her kidnappers really want . . . and worse, for who they turn out to be. (Goodreads summary.)

Content Review:

Sexual content: Describing a girl with fake hair, nails, etc., the narrator wonders if “fake boobs” are far behind. Narrator mentions boy in her class whose medication, as a side effect, keeps him in a “perpetual state of sexual excitement”. Some description of Edwardian games that involve kissing, and in comment on one of them a character says “Isn’t that ‘to kiss a lady in lesbian fashion’?”

Language: 8 d***

Violence: Two school kids knock a boy down and sit on him; then a couple of girls push them off and some hair-pulling ensues. A plane is hit by lightning and crashes. One character is drugged and kidnapped, then held prisoner.

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