The Morrigan’s Curse

January 19, 2017

Eighth Day #3. Author: Dianne K. Salerni.


Evangeline’s younger sister, Addie, is working with the dangerous Kin who originally kidnapped her. They value her power, and they’re willing to teach her more, an irresistible offer. She doesn’t understand the true consequences of the work – the devastation they mean to unleash on the world by undoing the eighth day spell. Jax, meanwhile, is frantic to help, to get her out of there, but entangled in his promises. As usual, he’s in trouble again, having somehow claimed a powerful artifact that won’t rest until it kills. As the battle between Kin and Transitioners comes to a head, both sides race to accomplish their opposing goals, manipulating meanwhile by the sinister figure of the Morrigan.

My Thoughts:

The Morrigan’s Curse picks up straight away where the previous book left off, providing no back information. (This is good or bad depending on how recently you read the last book.) Action-packed and definitely fast moving, the story felt almost too hasty – the characters had no time to think and neither did the reader. The narrative went back and forth, for the most part, between Jax and a new view point, Addie. Jax is our familiar old friend, in trouble up to his waist and still thinking outside the box, while Addie is a realistic but childish new character. It’s not her fault that she’s so expertly manipulated by the adults around her, but it does become annoying. There wasn’t enough sense of closure at the ending, and it left several important threads unresolved.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Some short kissing.

Language: 10 scatological terms.

Violence: Magical attack backwards through a scrying channel, causing spell-migraine. Magically raised storm that damages property and probably killed some normal. Man hit in head with staff. Six houses struck with (magically called) lightening; they burn, if there were normals in them they died. Two characters in a fist fight. Character hit in back by knife. Character tortured multiple times with a magic Spear that causes intense pain when touched by a non-owner. Characters thrown back by a magical explosion. Character hit by thrown computer siding. Character holds another under water until nearly drowned. Character stabs another through the chest with sword, kills him.

Love Triangle: No.


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