Fridays with the Wizards

January 12, 2017

Castle Glower #4. Author: Jessica Day George.


After the complex and convoluted castle history was worked out in the last book, Celie and her friends are back in the castle safe and sound. It’s not happily ever after quite yet, though – not when the Arkower wizard breaks out and is running around on the loose! Celie needs to stop him, save her friends, and prove to her parents that she’s level-headed and mature, all while dealing with the blow of her sister’s impending marriage.

My Thoughts:

This is clearly an effort to combine a magical adventure with a more mundane struggle of growing up. It might work better for children in the age range intended, as they may sympathize with the character more. For myself, I found Celie grating on my nerves through the book, as she complains about not getting enough credit, shouts at her sister about abandoning them for the Grathians, and demands to be more involved with things. In other words, she lost the pleasing maturity she showed over the last few books. On the good side, it was fun to see more griffins.

Content Review:

Sexual content: One hug. One character asks for another’s hand in marriage. Some village girls watch young men working in the heat with shirts off.

Language: None.

Violence: Some characters vanish and are found tied up and unconscious. In the past, character’s grandmother blew herself and some maids up with magic gone awry. Griffin is tied up. Character attacked by griffins. Character stunned by an electric weapon wielded by another character.

Love Triangle: No.


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