December 25, 2016

Splintered #2. Author: A.G. Howard.


Alyssa Gardner triumphed over her trials in fairyland and made her way back to the human world. Now she’s ready to stay there, with the boy who’s earned her trust and the mother she barely knows yet. But when Morpheus shows up, everything goes wrong. Alyssa’s forced to keep him off, try to open herself to Jeb, explain herself to her mother, all while maintaining appearances at school despite dangerous signs appearing everywhere. And that’s not even counting her struggle to keep her dark-netherling half down. Can Alyssa do it? Will she be forced to abandon the human world once again for the world in which she is a dangerous queen… and worse yet, will she leave her human half behind?

Content Review:

Sexual content: Girlfriend thinks briefly about the fact that she’s a virgin, while she knows her boyfriend lost his virginity at 16. Boy brings girl to a secluded, romantically decorated spot and she wonders if he wants to “bring their relationship to the next step”. One character often uses innuendo, mostly teasing. Girl gets excited because she thinks her friend spent the night with her boyfriend (didn’t). Two occasions were girl/boy lie on top of each other kissing intensely. There are tiny fairies, “naked but for strategically placed scales”. 9 kisses (on the lips; there were multiple instances of kissing hand, temple, forehead.) Romantic tension through book, as character is physically (and mentally) drawn to two other characters.

Language: 4 bloody, 2 hell, 2 scatological terms.

Violence: Character is swept away by controlled water. Character is trapped and nearly suffocated by sentient (capable of speech) plants. Character is attacked by a clown but not hurt. Character attacks another by controlling earbuds to strike like a snake. One character pins another against a door and tries to strangle her. A human/moth creature is stuffed in a bottle and trapped there for the duration of a car ride. Fire ants flood gymnasium and sting one person. Character with garden shears for hand cuts one wing of another character.

Love Triangle: Yes. Heavy.

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