October 18, 2016

Author: Lauren Miller.


Parallel universes are a fun idea and all, but they’re not something Abby Barnes had ever really considered. She’s too busy keeping her life on track, straight to her life goals. Go to Northwestern college, major in journalism, and get a job with a national newspaper before 22 – she’s got it all figured out. But the parallel theory is forced to her attention when her life changes overnight, literally. Abby Barnes woke up in the wrong bed one morning, with a different life then yesterday, and it may all be her parallel’s fault. With her bestfriend Caitlin’s help Abby may be able to figure this out, but she’ll still have to live with a life she never chose – unless she can learn to let go of the Plan and focus on this place, this time, this universe.

My Thoughts:

Mixed reaction. I didn’t get along too well with the main character, which is always a problem, but the sci-fi concept was really cool, and cleverly done. Miller handled a tangled plot with lucidity and interest. She has a clear, fairly simple writing style with a strong teenage voice, which is easy to read without being too simplistic.

Content Review:

Sexual content: In her thoughts, girl deems a guy “too-likely-to-seek-sex-on-first-date”. Girl ends up going to a party in a long pajama top that looks like a very short dress. Some kissing. Mentions that MC’s friend was emotionally scarred by finding out after she slept with a man that he was married. “ ‘She’s fun,’ he says, his euphemism for slutty.” Girl referring to a large guy, “My boyfriend. And yes, the size thing is an issue in bed.” Boy walks in on two girls only wearing boxers. Boy teases girl about sleeping over, and the girl thinks “I’m not ready to have sex yet.”

Language: 20 scatological terms, 9 derogatory terms, 8 hell, 4 d***

Violence: Character steps on a nail and cuts her foot up badly.


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