October 17, 2016

Tales of Elemental Spirits #1. Author: Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson.


Seven tales describe magical beings that inhabit our waters. Some are familiar mer-people; some as strange as as a golden eye in a pool at the edge of the Great Desert Kalarsham, where the mad god Geljdreth rules; or the unknowable, immense Kraken, dark beyond the darkness of the deepest ocean, who will one day rise and rule the world. (Goodreads Summary)

My Thoughts:

I was kind of disappointed. The stories were fairly interesting, but they all felt just a little flat.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Girl comes upon her betrothed cheating on her: “Robert was lying there, with a very pretty girl. The very pretty girl had no clothes on.” Some kissing.

Language: None

Violence: Girl’s grief-ridden father falls into alcoholism, then beating her – this is told rather than shown. Sea-monster strikes boat and sinks it.

Love Triangle: None.


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