One Good Dragon Deserves Another

October 5, 2016

Heartstrikers #2. Author: Rachel Aaron.


Julius finally has his own magical business, in partnership with his human friend Marci. He’s happy to settle down there and never see the heartstriker clan again – but Bethseda is finally interested in him. His involvement with the Three Sisters has made him useful, and she’s not letting him disappear.

Soon, Julius realizes he can’t try to back out – his clan needs him, whether or not he likes them. Mysterious attacks on high-ranking dragons, Estella’s suspicious co-operating, and the appearance of Alonquin’s dragon hunter adds up to more trouble than even Bob the seer can manage. Especially when futures are dropping off the map, whole trains vanishing completely. Can Julius and Marci find the future they need… and how much are they willing to trade for it?

My Thoughts:

I think this was even better than the first book, with more character development on all the minor characters. Very enjoyable, with fast-paced plot, intriguing characters, a well-worked out world and a good sense of humor.

Content Review:

Sexual content: One scene opens with dragon-woman in bed, grumping because her “young lover” is up and dressing “before noon”. Female dragon shapeshifts to human, naked of necessity in front of two men. One kiss. Two dragons set out on a mating flight (this seems their equivalent of marriage – in this case they vanish off-screen, and we don’t have closure on what happens there).

Language: 3 derogatory terms, 1 scatological term, 1 d***

Violence: Character fights off giant badgers with a cattle prod, non-fatally electrocuting one of them. A human is knocked out with drugs, and tied up to be questioned and threatened. Two dragons fight with ice and fire. One dragon wounded when a plane falls on it. Dragon wounded by spears.


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