Alcatraz vs. the Shattered Lenses

September 26, 2016

Alcatraz #4. Author: Brandon Sanderson.


Alcatraz Smedry, the boy with the incredible Talent for breaking things, has a lot to prove and little time in which to do it. In this adventure, Alcatraz faces an army of librarians–and their giant robots–as they battle to win the kingdom of Mokia. If the librarians win the war, everything that Alcatraz has fought so hard for could end in disaster. Alcatraz must face the robots, the evil librarians, and even his own manipulative mother! But will he be able to save the kingdom of Mokia and the Free Kingdoms from the wrath of the librarians before everything comes crashing down? (Goodreads summary)

Content Review:

Sexual content: One character stripped naked by magical bomb. They don clothes as fast as possible.

Language: None

Violence: Part of an airplane explodes and it’s forced to land, but except for minor bruising everyone’s fine. Multiple soldiers are struck and knocked out by martial arts/bad dancing (they’re sort of the same thing). There’s hand-to-hand fighting with soldiers, and some are knocked out.

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