Shiny Broken Pieces

September 2, 2016

Tiny Pretty Things #2. Author: Sona Charaipotra, Dhonielle Clayton.


June, Bette, and Gigi are competing one final time for a spot at the prestigious American Ballet Company. With the stakes higher than ever, these girls have everything to lose…and no one is playing nice. June is starting to finally see herself as a prima ballerina. But being the best could mean sacrificing the love of her life. Legacy dancer Bette is determined to clear her name after she was suspended and accused of hurting her rival, Gigi. And Gigi is not going to let Bette—or the other dancers who bullied her—go unpunished. It all comes down to this last dance. Who will make the cut? And who will lose her dream forever? (Published summary.)

My Thoughts:

This is such a fluffy drama it almost deserves one or two stars. Certainly, the first book was one star. Yet I’m drawn to the vivid portrayal of the girls – petty, obsessed, vengeful, but only human in the end. And they’re driven, focused teen girls who know where they’re going and won’t let anything stand in the way. I have to admire this. Yes, it’s horrifying how they turn against each other, clawing their way to the top by any and every means. But in Shiny Broken Pieces they also pull together. There’s remorse. Friendship. Resolutions to do better. It even manages to ask, among all the tears and drama and plotting, some real questions. How much is a career worth? How much is a dream worth? How far can you go?

Content Review:

Sexual content: Some kissing.

Language: 5 scatological terms, 3 hell, 2 derogatory terms

Violence: Character remembers killing another girl’s pet butterflies by pinning them to a wall. Much talking about an incident in the previous book where a girl was pushed in front of a car. Student is found after slashing her own wrists, is taken to the hospital. There’s some intense bullying among the girls, including ruining another girl’s toe shoes, cutting her hair while she sleeps, and giving a student with allergies contaminated food.

Other issues: A couple of characters may have eating disorders; one of the main characters does, and regularly forces herself to vomit after eating. One character takes ‘energy’ pills to get through dance, and it’s known that other girls do the same.


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