The Magic Thief

September 1, 2016

Magic Thief #1. Author: Sarah Prineas.


Conn should have dropped dead the day he picked Nevery’s pocket and stole the wizard’s locus magicalicus, a stone used to focus magic and work spells. But for some reason he did not. Astonished and intrigued, Nevery agrees to take Conn on as his apprentice, on the condition that the boy find a locus stone of his own within a month. But with his wizard lessons and helping Nevery discover who – or what – is stealing the city of Wellmet’s magic, time is running out for Conn to find his stone. (Published summary.)

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: 1 d***, mostly people say “Curse it!”

Violence: One schoolboy fight, group gets attacked by minions and wizard turns the minions into rats, boy gets knocked around once by a bodyguard, boy is arrested and chained for breaking and entering.

Other Issues: Main character is a thief, pickpocket and lock-pick, and very likeable.


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