August 23, 2016

Wings of Fire: Legends #1. Author: Tui T. Sutherland.


Three dragons. One unavoidable, unpredictable destiny. This is the beginning… of the end.

In the SeaWing kingdom, a young prince learns he is an animus — capable of wonderful magic that comes with a terrible price.

In the mind of a NightWing dragonet, a thousand futures unfold — and almost all of them, she knows, lead to disaster and destruction.

And under three full moons and the watchful eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father, the most powerful dragon Pyrhhia will ever know is clawing his way out of his egg. Darkstalker, the dragon who will change the world forever.

Long before the SandWing war, lifetimes before the Dragonet Prophecy… darkness is born.

(Published summary.)

My Thoughts:

Darkstalker continues the best tradition of the Wings of Fire series, with well-rounded fascinating dragons, intricate connections, and laugh-out-loud moments in the midst of blackness. (And, yes, the apparent tradition of disturbingly violent images. How does “cut your own tongue out” get into a middle grade book? I don’t know.)

We’ve got a split view point, with Darkstalker, Fathom, and Clearview. Sutherland finally answers the question of what seeing the future clearly would be like – (spoiler: it’s not as awesome as you think) and pulls off the protagonist-to-villain arc beautifully and painfully. Like an intense, impressive olympic routine this isn’t an arc too many authors can pull off well, but when they do it’s powerful (by which I mean heartbreaking.)

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: None.

Violence: One seagull strangled. Multiple dragons cut, stabbed, killed by an enchanted knife (all within a short time). An animagus tells the story of how he disastrously discovered his power – as a bullied child, who ordered a clamshell plaything to “bite off her claws” referring to another hatchling. An animagus enchants a dragon to obey all orders; orders the dragon to cut out his own tongue, then to kill himself with his own claws.


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