August 6, 2016

Hunter #1. Author: Mercedes Lackey.


To Joyeaux Charmand, who has been a Hunter in her tight-knit mountain community since she was a child, every Cit without magic deserves her protection from dangerous Othersiders. Then she is called to Apex City, where the best Hunters are kept to protect the most important people. Joy soon realizes that the city’s powerful leaders care more about luring Cits into a false sense of security than protecting them. More and more monsters are getting through the barriers, and the close calls are becoming too frequent to ignore. Yet the Cits have no sense of how much danger they’re in—to them, Joy and her corps of fellow Hunters are just action stars they watch on TV. When an act of sabotage against Joy takes an unbearable toll, she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy in the city. There is something much worse than the usual monsters infiltrating Apex. And it may be too late to stop them…

Content Review:

Sexual content: Two kisses. A hug. One character playfully warns another that gossip runs rife, and if she’s not careful the vid-feeds will have her and her mentor a couple. Woman mentions having a wife. Character remembers an old friend who could “flirt with three boys at once, in front of each other, and each of them thinking she was flirting with him alone”. A couple of dates.

Language: 13 d***, 5 hell, 2 scatological terms and 2 derogatory names.

Violence: As the MC is a Hunter, there are many incidents of monsters being killed. Shot, stabbed, killed by hounds, burned alive (but swiftly). Character is caught by paralyzing gaze of monster, blood starts coming out of his ears, drops dead. Character found dead w’ throat torn out by vampire, two of her dogs dead and two more badly injured. Character shot at. Duel between two people, dog wounded by laser shooter.

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