July 30, 2016

Passenger #1. Author: Alexandra Bracken.


Violin prodigy Etta Spencer has given up everything for her music – hobbies, friends, and dating. But in one devastating night she is snatched from her life and thrust into a strange new one with no one she knows. Can Etta navigate the currents of time, escape the manipulative lord who has forced her services, and get back to her mother? But as more and more secrets are revealed, the question begins to change as Etta wonders: how deeply is her mother mixed up in this, and does she want to return to her old life?

Content Review:

Sexual content: Women on the streets in low-cut dresses, one asks man if he’s looking for a place to sleep and he says he’s spoken for. Some intense kissing. Man thinks to himself that “he has known lust before”. Worried man asks in a roundabout way whether a woman is a bought concubine to her companion. A fade-to-black couple of paragraphs where unmarried teen girl & boy engage in sexual intercourse.

Language: 44 d***, 20 bloody, 20 instances of taking the Lord’s name in vain, 15 hell, 12 derogatory terms.

Violence: Sea-men and pirates fight hand to hand – death from shooting, a thrown knife, and slitting a man’s throat. One character slaps another. Character punches another in the face. Time-travelling characters pass through scenes of destruction from war. A brief fistfight. Character shoots a snake. A character is shot.

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