The Anatomy of Curiosity

July 22, 2016

Authors: Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff.


In an unassuming corner of Brooklyn, a young woman learns to be ladylike, to love context, and to speak her mind from a very curious sort of tutor. // In a faraway land convulsed by war, a young soldier hears the desert’s curious hum as he disarms bombs with the person he doesn’t know how to love. // In a place so shriveled by drought that any drowning is a curiosity, a young writer tries again and again to tread water beneath the surface of a vast and unusual sea. (Published summary.)

My Thoughts:

This story collection is designed for young writers / those interested in writing, in that each author explains a little about her writing processes and includes notes in the margins of the stories. These notes were quite interesting, but the stories stand strong alone whether or not you’re interested in the writerly side.

The stories were unusual and vivid. Each had a different style, as is expected in a collection of different authors, but they all employed an unusual premise and striking imagery. An excellent, imagination-catching collection with bonus notes.

Content Review:

Sexual content: “As Petra disembarked the bus, a homeless man shouted that he’d like to see her without her sweater on.” While discussing poets, two characters come to the debauchery of many poets. A couple of kisses. Some romance, including kissing, between two characters, then the man finds out the other is a man posing as/thinking he is a woman. He breaks it off at first, but at the end of the story is thinking of kissing him again. Girl sits in a boy’s lap.

Language: 5 Scatological terms, four anatomical terms, 3 d*** and one exclamation of “God!”

Violence: A creature/woman admits to having killed and eaten humans before. Two boys drown. One character is badly injured in an explosion. Character kills one character and cuts its hand off, thinks of having killed people in the past, including a boy younger than himself.


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