Magic by the Lake

July 3, 2016

Tales of Magic #3. Author: Edward Eager.


Jane and Mark and Katharine and Martha had stopped to think, they might have ordered magic by the pound, or by the day, but a lakeful of magic causes extraordinary and unexpected events. By the end of vacation, with an unwilling sly old turtle, and Ali Baba’s forty thieves, they help stepfather Mr. Smith save his failing bookstore in a most surprising way. (Goodreads summary.)

My Thoughts:

Edward Eager’s books can never really grow old, with his straight-forward casual narration and the delightfully common-sense problems with magic. Not the best of his stories, but good.

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: None.

Violence: Genii magically beats robbers and “bruised them black and blue”. Cannibals tie four children up and threaten to eat them.


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