The Last Continent

July 1, 2016

A Discworld Novel. Author: Terry Pratchett.


There’s big trouble at the Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork’s lone institute of higher learning. A professor is missing—and the one person who can find him is not only the most inept magician the school ever produced, but currently stranded on the unfinished down-under continent of Fourecks. As the UU faculty tries to bring him back, Rincewind is having troubles of his own, thanks to a pushy mystical kangaroo trickster named Scrappy and a mob of Fourecks hooligans who are out to hang him. All his problems would be solved if he could just make it rain . . . for the first time ever. And if the time-traveling professors can get to the right millennium . . . (Published summary.)

Content Review:

Sexual content: A man has to try and explain how elephants procreate, very awkwardly. Three instances of innuendo.

Language: 32 bloody, 27 d***, 12 derogatory terms, 7 hell

Violence: There is a traffic pile-up in which some people are probably hurt (probably because we don’t see them.) A man dies abruptly of spider-bite.

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