The Golem’s Eye

June 16, 2016

Bartimaeus #2. Author: Jonathan Stroud.


At only fourteen, Nathaniel is a rising star: a young magician who is quickly climbing the ranks of the government. There is seemingly nothing he cannot handle, until he is asked to deal with the growing Resistance movement, which is disrupting London life with its thefts and raids. It’s no easy task: the ringleader Kitty and her friends remain elusive, and Nathaniel’s job-and perhaps his life-are soon at risk. As the pressure mounts, he is distracted by a new series of terrifying attacks in the capital. But is it the Resistance again, or something more dangerous still? To uncover the perpetrators, Nathanial must take desperate measures: a journey to the enemy city of Prague and-worse-summoning once again the troublesome, enigmatic, and quick – witted djinni Bartimaeus. (Summary from Goodreads.)

My Thoughts:

Nathaniel has gone downhill since the last time we saw him, caught up in the competitive and oblivious world of the magicians. Bartimaeus is just as humorous as ever, though, and we have a new character now, Kitty. Still good, still fast-paced, and I have a feeling the last book will make up for any deficiencies here.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Two djinni joke about their masters being out with girls while they have to do all the work. Djinni says his old master was forever trying to kiss his friends’ wives. One character attempts to cast a Glamour on another.

Language: 5 hell, 2 d***

Violence: Character knocks two sentries’ heads together. Man lights a detonation stick and doesn’t throw it soon enough; multiple men killed. Children plant a fire in a building. Man coerces a vendor by ordering his imp to nearly choke her. Character finds ashes of six men. Two children are badly burned by a djinni on a magician’s command. Bystander shot and killed by soldiers. Multiple grave robbers killed off screen. Magician enveloped by his summoned demon, never seen again.


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