The Beginning Place

June 16, 2016

Author: Ursula K. LeGuin.


Fleeing from the monotony of his life, Hugh Rogers finds his way to “the beginning place”–a gateway to Tembreabrezi, an idyllic, unchanging world of eternal twilight. Irena Pannis was thirteen when she first found the beginning place. Now, seven years later, she has grown to know and love the gentle inhabitants of Tembreabrezi, or Mountaintown, and she sees Hugh as a trespasser. But then a monstrous shadow threatens to destroy Mountaintown, and Hugh and Irena join forces to seek it out. Along the way, they begin to fall in love. Are they on their way to a new beginning…or a fateful end?

My Thoughts:

Wasn’t really to my taste at all. I never connected with the characters, who are both very interior-developed types without much explanation, and the plot was never explained.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Simple statement that a man in bed fantasizes about a waitress, imagines suckling at her breasts, and so pleasures himself. Father tries to sexually molest his step-daughter multiple times, and she tries to never be alone with him. Unmarried man and woman engage in sexual intercourse.

Language: 6 scatological terms, 5 d***, 3 derogatory terms, 2 hell, 1 F-word

Violence: A husband “knocks wife around a bit”. Man and beast fight with a sword/claws, one is killed and the other wounded.

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