Rites of Passage

June 16, 2016

Author: Joy N. Hensley.


Sam McKenna, daughter of a Colonel and only girl in a military family, has never yet turned down a dare. That’s partly why she’s here now, in the first girl-class at the military academy. Bring it on, boys. She’s ready for the exercise, the orders, and the hardships. She’s ready for prejudice and insults. But she’s not ready for the coldness from her brother, the romance developing between her and her sergeant, and most of all the over-the-top hostility and hints that there’s something more going on behind all the threats and efforts to get her out. Will she make it through in honor of her brother, or will this be the first dare she’s backed out of?

My Thoughts:

I have problems with large amounts of swearing. That slowed me down. Putting that aside, I thought this would have been a better story without the secret group hiding behind the scenes and trying to get her out. Sure, it ratchets up the tension as they begin to figure things out, but it shifts the conflict. The beginning of the story, where the plot is centered around Sam striving to show her excellence at this military academy that has only ever accepted boys, is the best part.

Content Review:

Sexual content: “I don’t miss how his eyes slide down to my chest and linger just a second too long.” Some kissing. “Your recruit sisters are your real sisters now. Would you want the scumbags in the other companies pawing all over them, trying to get them to give up the goods? Would you want your recruit sisters to willing give up the goods to whoever asked?” “You could ruin a lot more than your year here if you’re screwing an upper-classman.” “Matthews and his date are practically having sex on the dance floor” Character walks in on a roommate shirtless, kissing a boy who is also shirtless.

Language: 77 hell, 50 scatological terms, 23 d***, 21 uses of ‘God’, 17 derogatory terms, 8 F-words.

Violence: Two characters are pelted with frozen snowballs and knocked unconscious. Character gets bruised ribs from a rubber bullet. One character kicks another in the ribs multiple times while she’s on the floor. Character describes finding the body of another character who hanged himself.


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