June 16, 2016

Randoms #1. Author: David Liss.


Zeke Reynolds has spent much of his life dreaming of going where no man has gone before, imagining exactly how one might do it and what one might find, and adding to that with the imagination banks of other such people. In other words, he’s a hard core sci-fi nerd. And it all pays off when he finds out aliens are real, and they’ve selected him among a few others to spend a year on another planet and demonstrate Earth’s capabilities. But life in space is just as dangerous as the movies make it look, and Zeke will be pushed to his limit just to survive.

My Thoughts:

A fun, action-packed read. Lots of sarcasm, humor, and tropes all abound.

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: 6 bloody.

Violence: Kid is “smashed around” by an older bully. One alien ship vaporizes another. Ship is hit by a missile, flung around, and various crew members are hurt by the turbulence. Some sparring matches, one in which a girl is badly hurt. One character strikes and kicks another multiple times, and is finally knocked out by a blow to the face. Character stabs another through the body.


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