Young Adult / June 16, 2016

Author: Booth Tarkington. Summary: A seventeen-year old young man, William Baxter, becomes infatuated with a young lady by the name of Miss Lola. He must content with fellow lads, an exasperating little sister, and the decrees of his parents – and Miss Lola is only staying for the summer! My Thoughts: Quite well done as a satire, I thought. However, I couldn’t stand either of the main characters, neither Lola with her baby talk and retinue of boys, nor William with his moping and showing off. Content Review: Sexual content: None. Language: 15 ‘Ye Gods’ exclamations, 4 d***, 2 darn, 1 derogatory term Violence: Second hand story that a suit was worn by a man who cut off a lady’s head.