Making Money

June 16, 2016

A Discworld Novel. Author: Terry Pratchett.


It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Who would not to wish to be the man in charge of Ankh-Morpork’s Royal Mint and the bank next door? It’s a job for life. But, as former con-man Moist von Lipwig is learning, the life is not necessarily for long. The Chief Cashier is almost certainly a vampire. There’s something nameless in the cellar (and the cellar itself is pretty nameless), it turns out that the Royal Mint runs at a loss. A 300 year old wizard is after his girlfriend, he’s about to be exposed as a fraud, but the Assassins Guild might get him first. In fact lot of people want him dead. Oh. And every day he has to take the Chairman for walkies. Everywhere he looks he’s making enemies. What he should be doing is . . . Making Money! (Goodreads summary.)

My Thoughts:

One of his more obvious lessons but possibly more inventive topics, as the basic nature of economics is taken and woven into a fast-paced fantasy plot.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Two characters find a closet full of “inventive erotica” instruments. There isn’t really description of the contents, but a small dog seizes a rubber thing and carries it around for a while causing increasing horror and embarrassment. 12 instances of mild innuendo – (in this case mild innuendo generally refers to a joke or reference which suggests sexual content vaguely enough that younger children will not notice and it can be hard to note down exactly.)

Language: 27 d***, 11 bloody, 8 derogatory names, 6 hell

Violence: Golem accidentally dislocates some bones. A prisoner kicks his guard and runs. Man’s dentures explode and kill him.


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