Drink, Slay, Love

May 27, 2016

Author: Sarah Beth Durst.


Sixteen-year-old Pearl is a vampire. She’s got a sparring partner/boyfriend in one, a favorite human source of blood, and the Fealty Ceremony, her introduction to the adult world, coming up. Everything is great. It all starts to go downhill when she meets a unicorn one night, which stabs her through the heart. Of course nobody believes her; unicorns are mythical, after all. But the facts are unavoidable. Pearl can walk in the sunlight now, she’s starting to have a flicker of a reflection, and worst of all, a pesky thing known as conscience seems to be awakening in her. Her new abilities only bring more trouble. Now that she can walk in sunlight, she can go to the local high school and locate enough humans to feed the king and his retinue when they show up. The only problem is… Pearl’s beginning to like these exasperating humans.

My Thoughts:

A very light, fluffy read with a touch of redemption. The development of Pearl is well-done; we don’t see the main character as a pure vampire for very long, but it’s just long enough that we can see her transform over the course of the book from powerful, heartless vampire girl to spirited, caring girl watching the vampire clan with some bewilderment. Could have done without the touches of innuendo, but at least the romance was quite light. Good brushes of humor, as the Main Character knows when things are silly, and reacts as such. Her interactions with her ‘boyfriend’ were, to me, honestly amusing. And her reaction to the unicorn was lovely.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Character wears a short leather skirt. Married vampire man likes to “pick up business women” – whether this goes further on his side than stealing some blood is unclear. Character shows up naked at boy’s house due to circumstances out of her control, immediately puts on borrowed clothes. One questionable dance party. Some kissing. One or two spoken innuendos.

Language: 14 scatological terms, 4 derogatory names.

Violence: Character breaks the window of a car and steals the car. Unicorn stabs character through heart. Vampire character drinks blood from another character, then leaves him alive. One human drugged by venom on a vampire’s table. Afterwards moves off-screen, but probably killed. One vampire badly burned by sunlight. One beaten with a flail, has super-healing powers. Multiple power-play fights between vampires, because of healing powers nobody remains hurt for long. One character killed by a vampire who drains him dry. Two vampires speared through the heart (turn into black dust). One vampire’s neck broken. Multiple vampires killed (they just burst into black dust) in the last fight.


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