The Spirit Rebellion

May 25, 2016

Legend of Eli Monpress #2. Author: Rachel Aaron.


Eli Monpress is brilliant. He’s incorrigible. And he’s a thief. He’s also still at large, which drives Miranda Lyonette crazy. While she’s been kicked out of the Spirit Court, Eli’s had plenty of time to plan his next adventure. But now the tables have turned, because Miranda has a new job — and an opportunity to capture a certain thief. Things are about to get exciting for Eli. He’s picked a winner for his newest heist. His target: the Duke of Gaol’s famous “thief-proof” citadel. Eli knows Gaol is a trap, but what’s life without challenges? Except the Duke is one of the wealthiest men in the world, a wizard who rules his duchy with an iron fist, and an obsessive perfectionist with only one hobby: Eli. It seems that everyone is hunting for Eli Monpress. (Summary from Goodreads.)

My Thoughts:

If anything, the second installment of the Legend of Eli Monpress got better. Eli is still an idiot, but at least we have more background on him. In fact, we have more background on all the characters, tantalizing hints about an even larger plot line at work, and an unusual and highly satisfying villain. Antagonists, and their last-minute motivations, all too often are the flattest characters in the books. While we still don’t see enough of the main villain here to develop him much, he’s still distinct in his own right, and a real challenge for Eli.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Spirit appears once as a naked woman.

Language: 3 derogatory names, 2 d***

Violence: Sword fight. Character attacks with flame. Wizard orders spirits of fortress to attack a man. A character tortured by stretching, much like the rack. Multiple spirits enslaved. A wood spirit set on fire. Wizard strikes man with lightning. Second sword-fight. Character crushed by an iron door.


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