The Ring of Solomon

May 23, 2016

Bartimaeus trilogy prequel. Author: Jonathan Stroud.


King Solomon rules Jerusalem with an iron hand, but his true power comes from the ring on this hand – it allows him to command unending djinni, and right now a multitude are engaged in building a new temple. Unfortunately, one of these djinni is a certain scoundrel known as Bartimaeus, and no work project will stay on track for long with him around. Soon enough he’s been expelled from the job and set to hunting bandits in the desert, but even here he’s not about to give his commanders rest – why would anyone do that when they could team up with the Queen of Sheba’s chief guard to destroy Solomon?

My Thoughts:

This seemed a little more violent than the rest of the series; perhaps because of the time period, when the djinn are, if anything, even wilder. Still really good, if you enjoyed the Bartimaeus series you’ll love this one.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Sheba refuses to become Solomon’s consort.

Language: 3 d***

Violence: Unruly djinn punished with flame/ some more punitive but non-lethal spells. Character killed by knife between eyes. Some travelers are attacked by djinn, but instead the djinn are killed. Three assassins and one guard killed in a fight. Djinn kills his master (no details) and, offscreen, apparently eats him.


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