The Girl With Borrowed Wings

May 16, 2016

Author: Rinsai Rossetti.


Controlled by her father and bound by desert, Frenenqer Paje’s life is tediously the same, until a small act of rebellion explodes her world and she meets a boy, but not just a boy–a Free person, a winged person, a shape-shifter. He has everything Frenenqer doesn’t. No family, no attachments, no rules. At night, he flies them to the far-flung places of their childhoods to retrace their pasts. But when the delicate balance of their friendship threatens to rupture into something more, Frenenqer must confront her isolation, her father, and her very sense of identity, breaking all the rules of her life to become free.

My Thoughts:

This romance contrasts adventure with familiarity, freedom with safety. It’s not deep, nor life-changing, nor epic. It’s just the story of a boy and girl falling in love, intertwined with the story of a girl trying to escape the walls of abusive authority even as she struggles to understand who she is without those rules.

I loved Sangris, wild and laughing and caught, through every aspect. I enjoyed Frenenquer’s voice, with her knack of description and lovely quotes. And I enjoyed the slow development of the romance. Too many books, fitting romance around half a dozen other plot lines, fall into the trap of insta-love or rush the characters through it. Here, it developed more reasonably as they interacted.

It’s not anything wildly innovative or incredible. But something resonated with me, and this is the only paranormal romance I’ve loved, and one of the few romances I’ve read and reread.

Content Review:

Sexual content: A couple kisses. Girl can’t walk alone – men in cars pull over to chat her up, ask where she lives. A shapeshifter unthinkingly becomes a (naked) human boy on ledge with girl. Girl swims in a long, clinging shirt that comes down her thighs, boy with her is clearly disturbed. A shapeshifter carries girl while flying in multiple forms ranging from animal to semi-human to humanoid with wings. Boy and girl kiss, lying together, and boy shows inclination to disrobe the girl, but she stops him – says she’s not old enough.

Language: 1 hell.

Violence: Live chick abandoned in garbage. Baby bird crushed in hand. The equivalent of a fistfight between two shapeshifters.


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