The Hollow Boy

May 15, 2016

Lockwood & Co. #3. Author: Jonathan Stroud.


Danger is escalating in the haunted world. The bloody footprints and murderous ghosts of their one-off cases are nothing compared to the growing mystery in London, as more and more manifestations cluster throughout the city. But Lockwood, George, and Lucy are up to it – oh, and Holly.

Old divisions have been healed, but new rifts are opening in the team. Lockwood has hired an immaculate and completely organized new member, Holly Munro. From the start, she and Lucy simply cannot get along, and it’s dissolving their cohesiveness as a team. Can Lockwood and Co. compete with the major companies, avoid living assassins, solve the London mystery, all while torqueing around the internal tensions in their daily lives?

My Thoughts:

I did not like this as much as the preceding two. Lucy, formerly a dashing agent with a strong personality who can take care of herself, spends much of the book jealous of Holly. Holly is, frankly, ingratiating and irritating at a couple of parts, but for the most part her only fault is being too well organized and attractive, and spending too much time with Lockwood. Lucy lost a good bit of credence with me through this book.

Content Review:

Sexual content: None.

Language: 9 hell, 6 bloody.

Violence: Fighting with a ghost – mostly tension and breaking up mist. News report of multiple deaths caused by ghosts. Second-hand account of one child found dead, another gone mad. Old history account of one servant chasing another through the house with a knife and eventually killing him. Ghost tries to kill agent, and the agent falls badly. Multiple people are killed by ghost-touch. One stabbed through the chest. Characters are attacked by knives, clothes, etc., by a poltergeist.


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