Island of Fire

May 1, 2016

Unwanteds #3. Author: Lisa McMann.


The magical world of Artimé is gone. The Unwanteds have no food, no water, and no hope. And everyone is looking to Alex Stowe for answers. Overwhelmed and feeling totally helpless, Alex knows it’s up to him to find a way to restore Artimé, rescue his captive friends, and free Megan from her voice-stealing necklace of thorns – three impossible tasks. But could help lie with the silent, orange-eyed newcomers? Meanwhile, Alex’s twin brother Aaron continues to build his army in the stark land of Quill, preparing for the ultimate showdown with the Unwanteds. But a shocking twist reveals that Alex and Aaron share a common enemy more dangerous than either could have imagined… (Goodreads summary.)

Content Review:

Sexual content: One kiss, some talk about whether a character ‘likes’ specific girls.

Language: 4 crud

Violence: Two men snatch food from a boy and run. A prisoner is kept tied up in the cupboard most of the day. A girl who was captured is dragged away and the boy has to be kicked down to keep from following them out. High priest sends his own father to be executed, but then rescinds the order. A revived mastodon chases people around and there are a few injuries. One battle towards the end – a number of people are hurt, one with a nasty gash down her thigh, another is knocked unconscious and cracks several ribs, and one guardian beast vanishes due to a mislaid spell.

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