Saint Anything

April 30, 2016

Author: Sarah Dessen.


Sydney’s life is tumbling topsy-turvy as she has to move, adjust to a new school, and make new friends, all while dealing with the guilt and trauma left from her brother Peyton being arrested and jailed for hitting a child while drunk driving. The charismatic older one, Peyton has always been the focus of her family’s life – and even now he holds the spotlight of her parents’ attention. But for the first time, Sydney is looking away as she tries to make a life of her own.

My Thoughts:

Dessen certainly tackles an interesting and lesser known topic, as she considers what it’s like to be related to a juvenile delinquent. For the most part the story was well-written and interesting, with Sydney’s problems and friendships believable and moving, but at times the drama felt overdone. Not every coincidence has to be against the main character.

Content Review:

Sexual content: An older boy/girl couple are supposed to stay with a teen girl while her parents are away, but only the boy shows up, and makes romantic gestures. At a party, a character sees a girl and boy heading to the back of the house where there are only bedrooms. Some kissing. Boy tries to force a girl to kiss him.

Violence content: Character’s brother arrested after hitting a child while drunk driving. Boy tries to force a girl to kiss him.

Language: “God” as exclamation 20 times, 13 scatological terms, 4 derogatory terms, 3 anatomical terms and 3 hell.

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