April 30, 2016

Author: Grace Tiffany.


Ariel is a dream escaped from a dying man’s mind. She’s ruled her island alone for centuries, trapped within the Bermuda Triangle. The first human who lands on the island refuses to help her escape the Triangle, and indeed Ariel ends up trapped. It is centuries more before a man and his daughter land on the island, and Ariel is freed. Now she has her chance all over again, with a human to strengthen her again.

My Thoughts:

Tiffany made some interesting choices in writing this book. For starters, our female Ariel is an inhuman character – she’s the protagonist, and yet unrelatable for us, for she has no understanding of love or death, no ability to work or capability for loyalty and affection. Secondly, as a sprite representative of imagination or art, she is static. Where almost every protagonist will have a character arc, Ariel has no redemption story. She is what she is, what in the fae would be soulless, and there can be no progress or regression.

I can’t say right now whether I agree with Tiffany’s metaphors or her representation of imagination/art in Ariel, but Ariel is certainly an interesting reimagining of The Tempest – and a uniquely crafted story.

Content review:

Sexual content: One kiss. Girl admires a boy/man’s form. One character begs to marry another, professes love for her.

Language: 5 derogatory terms, 1 hell

Violence: Character dies of hunger and thirst. A mother beats her son when he disobeyed. One character slaps another. One character dies of poison. A character throws stones at, kicks the prison where another character is, to hurt her. Spirit entrapped in a body has her body burned. A shipwreck. Spirit forces characters’ minds to her will.


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