The Last Unicorn

April 9, 2016

Author: Peter S. Beagle


A beautiful, bitter-sweet fairytale with the length of a (short) book. Dreamy and haunting, this is the story of the last unicorn of the world. When She left her friendly forest and set out to find others of her kind, the unicorn was soon captured by a witch and bound in a cage she could not break. Released by the witch’s reluctant compatriot, a magician, she continues on her journey, picking up friends and allies on the way. Everywhere she searches, people tell her the unicorns vanished long ago, driven away by a beast known as the Red Bull. In the end she will have to confront him herself. Facing her direst enemy, alone in the end and struggling to keep hold of her true nature, will the world lose the last of her kind?

My Thoughts:

One of my all time favorites, both for the gorgeous prose, the best treatment of the essential unicorn that I have ever found, and the masterful bitter-sweet tone throughout the entire book as it muses on beauty, youth long past, and loss.

Content Review:

Sexual content: When the magician turns the unicorn into a girl, she changes into a naked young woman. Subsequently dons a cloak, and then clothes.

Language: 11 d***

Violence: Unicorn is imprisoned in a cage. A harpy kills a man and a woman. Wizard is tied to a tree. The Red Bull chases the unicorn back and forth, nearly driving her into the sea. One character falls to his death.



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