The Girl Who Could Not Dream

April 8, 2016

Author: Sarah Beth Durst


Sophie has lived all her life just above the dream shop where her parents work. She can’t dream alone, but when she borrows a dream from the dreamshop she can dream it – and coax things, and animals, out of the dream with her when she wakes up. This is how she acquired Monster, her devoted pet. And it’s a good thing he loves her so much, since she doesn’t have any other friends. But when her parents go missing, along with most of the bottled nightmares, Sophie may not be able to do this on her own – she needs allies, and fast. But are all her allies quite trustworthy?

My Thoughts:

A deliciously wry, humorous middle grade book I would recommend to younger fantasy lovers. Durst sets us in a solid, intriguing world and brings on the action. Here your deepest fears can come to life… but is this a threat or a tool? The characters lampshade and laugh at their own speeches and life lesson declarations, and Monster’s irritation with some of the clichéd dream characters is wonderful. In fact, Monster is one of the best sidekicks I’ve seen in a children’s book. There is a good strong hint of horror at parts, but due to the age level written to it’s never overwhelming.

Content Review:

Sexual content: Characters ask, teasingly, whether girl has a boyfriend.

Language: None.

Violence: Character attacks a monster with a bookbag, it flees. There’s a dog-ring style fight forced between two monsters. One dream creature stabs another. Monster bites man’s leg. Various dream creatures fight each other. Character is wrapped up in webs.




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